Purifying Antidandru Shampoo


This is a special cleansing antidandru bath with a soothing and antimicrobial

action. It helps eliminate dandru and soothe irritations of the scalp.

Antidandru Peeling


Soothing intensive cleansing treatment against dandru and aking. It performs an antitoxinc

and antimycotic action. It normalises the scalp and prevents irritations.


Purifying Antidandru Lotion


Special antidandru treatment. When used on a regular basis, it eliminates dandru,

and leaves the hair shiny and soft.


Sebum-Balance Bath


Gentle cleansing bath, balancing the scalp, with an active, non-irritating sebum-regulating

complex and antibacterial action.

Sebum-regulator Lotion


Special lotion Regulating sebaceous secretion. Often applied for alopecia treatment. Stimu-
lates new hair growth.


Nutri-Repair Mask


Regenerating and Moisturizing Treatment. It optimises the repair process with a moisturizing

treatment with tiny oil capsules. It acts specically where the hair is more damage, nourishing it deep down and

making it silky, shiny and easy to comb.


Energizing Lotion Complex


Intensive Trichocomplex-based treatment promotes hair growth (cellular metabolism,

oxygenation and microcirculation), and regulates the sebaceous secretion of the scalp.


Energizing Shampoo


Revitalising bath for hair-loss treatment, is based on Trichocomplex and Menthol. It revitalises

and strengthens the scalp.