Top care color save

Phase 1- Pre-Colour Skin Anti-Stain

Prevents the formation of stains on the skin. Its camomile extract gives it a

delicate skin soothing action.

Format: 150 ml tube.

Phase 2-Post-Colour Rebalance

Delicately cleanses and removes processed hair colour and all alkaline traces from

the scalp and the hair, leaving the hair soft, glossy, bouncy and easy to manage.

Format: 1000 ml bottle.

Phase 3-Post-Colour pH Balance

Restores the natural pH of treated hair ( after permanent colour, bleaching and

all decolourant treatments), moisturises the hair and scalp. Provides a biological protection for the hair cuticle,

improving its strength and elasticity.

Format: 1000 – 250 ml bottle.

Phase 4-Protective Barrier

Enhances the hair’s reective properties, optimizing the cohesion of the plates that

form the hair cuticle. Creates total exibility and movement, protects colour-treated hair from damaging external


Format: Spray 250 ml.