Top care moisture

Nourishing Bath


 Delicately cleanses the hair, nourishing it, making it easier to comb-so light it will not weigh the hair

down. Contains AMINOCARE COMPLEX and INDIAN PLANT extracts that provide hydration and nourishment and

soften the hair bre.

Moisturing Milk


It nourishes and moisturises, creating softness and manageability. AMINOCARE COMPLEX and

INDIAN PLANT extracts care for the most sensitive parts, leaving the hair totally moisturized, shiny and soft as silk.

Two Phase Equalizer


 It instantly evens out porosity. It acts selectively on the most sensitive areas. It contains AMINO-
CARE COMPLEX and INDIAN PLANT extracts to nourish and to promote softness and shine throughout the hair. It can

be used on dry hair to revitalize and to make styling easier everyday. It provides ideal heat protection when using

ceramic straighteners and heat styling implements.