Top Care Therapy

Balancing Shampoo


This gentle balancing cleanser, when used regularly, restores natural sebum levels, combats

greasy hair and scalp and helps to increase volume and shine in the hair.

Energizing Shampoo


This special shampoo for fragile hair helps to combat hair loss, it contains a growth-stimulating

complex. When applied on a regular basis revitalizes the scalp, leaving the hair strong and shiny.

Energizing Tonic-It stimulates hair growth. It contains Camphor, Menthol, Capigen, Capilactine and Serenoa repens,

has a skin-purifyng, refreshing and stimulating action.

Antidandurf Shampoo

This special cleanser eliminates dandru and if used on a regular basis, it prevents its formation. It restores the natu-
ral vitality and shine of the hair. It soothes itchiness and irritations, eliminates any type of dandru.

Purifying Tonic

It puries and restores the natural balance of scalp and hair. It eliminates dandru and, if used on a regular basis,

prevents its formation.